Saturday, 21 June 2014

New life in the garden

All sorts of things are happening in our garden. New life coming, old life dwindling. I am happy to say the Hydrangea is starting to bloom beautifully and the Japanese Cherry Blossom we were given a couple of months ago is growing more and more leaves and feeling very much at home indeed. My beloved Peony bush on the other hand seems to be dying. Every year it has produced beautiful white Peonies, but this year we're seeing nothing more than withered buds. We actually moved the bush to make room for the Japanese Cherry, but it was an unfortunate one for the Peonies. In the autumn we will move it again in the hope that it will recover.


New friend Cherry Blossom shortly after arrival; Mr Crab looks on approvingly

Leafy Cherry Blossom feeling quite at home

Peony bush: lovely luscious leaves, but small sad buds

Thankfully there is more life sprouting up all over the place...

...and all sorts of life visiting the garden, including an old friend.

There is a wooden birdhouse in our garden and to my delight two blue tits have set up nest in there. They busy themselves flying back and forth to feed their young. We haven't actually seen the little ones, but today we heard them chirping very loudly. A couple of days ago we managed to catch one of the parents inside the house. It was a delightful moment.

And today we caught one of them in the Cherry Blossom with some kind of goodie in its beak ready to feed to its demanding young. It was an even more delightful moment.

Looking a bit worse for wear, but I guess that's what parenting does to you

There seems to be no end to the height and width our beast of a Pine tree will grow. It's at the front of our house and we keep wondering when that letter of complaint from the council will fall on the doormat demanding we have it pruned down to size. S and N affectionately call it our Very Large Christmas Tree. There's also a beast of an Alder growing behind the fence of our back yard which I am extremely attached to. When I read the letter in which the council threatened to cut that down, I said some very unladylike words. Thankfully the council changed its whimsical mind and I can still enjoy my giant Alder.

Very Large Christmas Tree

Very Large Alder

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