Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why I write blog hop

I am responding to Sue at The Quince Tree's call for bloggers who would like to join the 'Why I Write' blog hop. A great opportunity, I think,  to connect with other writers and make a contribution to a series of other 'Why I Write' posts I've been enjoying lately. Without further ado, let me answer the set questions (I say this with an authoritative voice - I'm in my role as teacher here):

What am I working on? 
I am always writing, whether it be writing tests or worksheets for school, poems, in my journal, random notes that make sense to no-one but me, or on my blog which is just under two months old. Writing is a staple in my life, a necessity; I would be miserable without it.

I am also working on a novel which I hope to finish in 2015. I've had two editors read what I've written so far and they were very enthusiastic so I'm hopeful of bringing it to a good end. After that I'm going to work on a second book, which is already forming in my mind.

For those who are interested: I am bilingual and write in both English and Dutch.

How does my writing differ from others in my genre?
Let me stick to my blog here. I'm not sure my blog belongs to a certain category - when asked here or there to choose one I tend to fill in 'lifestyle' though I find that highly dissatisfying. A lifestyle blog often attempts to dictate what we should be eating, wearing, reading, doing and wanting and I wouldn't dream of telling anyone how to live or what to do. I also find lifestyle blogs often show only the fun side of life, making others feel their lives are dull and inadequate.  I certainly don't want to present my life as a party of sorts - it is, like everything else, a work in progress with triumphs and tragedies (and lots of funny bits in between).

Why do I write what I do?
I write about everything that interests me. Whether it be the process of waiting along the roadside for the Automobile Association bloke to come help me out, or about a nice fruit crumble I made, or about a book I am reading. I write about the things that enthuse, move and intrigue me. Why? In the hope of enthusing, moving or intruiging someone else. And in the hope of simply making someone else laugh.

What I have also loved so far - more than I had anticipated - is 'meeting' new people, checking out other blogs and 'dropping in for a chat' so to speak. It is quite enriching and an example of a positive force on the internet. There's a feeling of community there which is a wonderful thing.

How does my writing process work?
Again, let me stick to my blog. I'm always making notes, jotting down ideas and setting up frameworks for new posts. It's an ongoing process of things that pop into my mind at the strangest moments throughout the day (or night!). From when I was a child I have moulded life's events and processes into stories. To me a topic is like a hump of clay that I have to mould into a shape of some kind - I have to give it life, so to speak. To that end I have a lovely notebook in which I jot down ideas and make draft posts. Then, whenever I have a spare moment, I sit down at the computer and write up the good version - deleting, adjusting, shifting, rewriting, moulding as I go along. When I feel it's as good as it's going to get,  there's always that deep feeling of satisfaction when I hit the 'publish' button. The job is done, I've sent my post out into the world, now onto something new.


There's someone quite special I would like to pass the baton on to. I 'met' her a short while ago after she left a comment on my blog. Her name is Sophia, she is 12 years old and her blog is called Plaid is My Favourite Colour. The other blogger I would like to invite is Jennifer over at Thistlebear. Last but certainly not least, I would like to nominate Tess over at Driftwood.

Good luck, ladies - looking forward to reading your posts.


  1. I'm so glad you took up the baton Isabelle I loved reading your contribution. Meeting people and dropping in for a chat is by far the most rewarding thing about blogging.

  2. It is interesting to read how you work and what you are working on. I hope that all goes well with your novel and I look forward to hearing about publication when it is ready!! xx

  3. I really enjoyed your post, Isabelle. I've been enjoying your blog very much. You are very thoughtful writer and your posts are always interesting and evocative. Thank you for linking to me. I'm glad we've connected. :)

  4. I was happy to pop in here today and see why you write and what inspires you! I like to write on real paper too and preferably with a real pen. I never thought that I would be part of a blogging community, but I am and I love it! My own blog is mostly about photography - but everyday living comes into it too!
    Now I'm going to read the other blogs you mention so favourably!

  5. I have enjoyed reading these posts as they pop up on blogs. It is always fascinating to read at bit about behind the scenes :)

  6. I really enjoyed your post and then going back through your archive. Really enjoy your writing. thanks for visiting me. I'll be back soon. :-)

  7. Thank you so much for the nomination, it was a lot of fun to write and think about all the answers. My post will be up by tomorrow. :)

  8. such a lovely post! I am so glad that I followed your lead by responding to Sue's request for bloggers to join in with this blog hop :)

  9. Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments!

  10. love this post, so many reasons why people write, thanks for the invite to join in!

  11. Lovely to read!! I look forward to hearing more about your book, will be catching up regularly through my blog roll!!!

  12. Hello! I've found my way here via the 'Why I write' hop (I wrote my own contribution last week). Your post was really interesting. And now I'm off to read a few more. It's lovely to 'meet' you :)


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