Friday, 22 August 2014

PINK! part two

Earlier this week, The Big Day arrived. I recently revealed that we were renovating, amongst other things, daughter N's room, and I am happy to say the job is done. Wow, what a relief. I believe I also mentioned that previous months had been spent listening to her complaining about sleeping in a room that wasn't pink - well, on the The Big Day she sighed that it was a good thing the job was done because she had "simply never been able to sleep in a room that isn't pink," and with that she really meant EVER. I was about to point out the fact that she had slept quite well in a room that wasn't pink for the greater part of her life thus far, but thought better of it. Instead I said: "Well now, mama is looking forward to lovely quiet nights whilst you are away in pink dreamland," to which she nodded in happy agreement. After her first night she informed me she had slept exceptionally well, dreaming of a baby elephant that had set up home in her new pink abode. "Elephants love pink rooms too," I was informed with a solemn nod.

Now on to the Big Reveal. You may remember my description of the original state: orange and purple walls, a yellow ceiling with purple stars glued on, and, something I forgot to mention (but which was a lot of work sanding off): purple window frames with a green sill.

Okay, now on to what it has become.

Crazy pink walls with sticker applications

Corner in which to sleep and dream of elephants

New lamp shade in matching colours and pristine white ceiling

Chest of drawers with oxygenating plant...

next to which her beloved bookcase has been placed

A peek into her room from the door

Do you find all that pink dizzying? Well I do, but believe me, in 'real life' it certainly has its charm and is somewhat lighter than represented on my ridiculously mediocre photos. (I imagine that, if all you folks were to come by, you would cry with relief: "Oooh, this looks much better in real life than on those ghastly photos!"). But all jokes aside: N loves her new room and that's the most important thing.


Of course finishing N's room and all our other DIY - or most of it (photos coming at a later point) - is worthy of celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with a batch of brownies. Seeing the recipe in Delancey reminded me of Nigella's words in How to be a Domestic Goddess: "I don't understand why people don't make brownies all the time - they're easy and so wonderful." (p.193) Well, Nigella, as much as I love you, I'm sorry to say this is a strange thing not to understand; especially when someone is likely to put on ten kilos just by looking at your recipe: 375g of butter? 375 g of chocolate? 500g of caster sugar?!! Wow. The beauty of the modest recipe that follows is that it is, well, modest in both portion size and ingredients. And the taste... oh boy. Pure heaven.

Orange Brownies
Adapted extensively from Delancey, by Molly Wizenberg 

115g butter
55g pure chocolate (at least 70%)
150g palm sugar
3 eggs
2 heaped tablespoons spelt flour
0,5 teaspoon vanilla extract
grated rind of 1 organic orange
pinch of fine (sea) salt
brownie pan, approx. 20cm by 18cm
yields about 16 modest squares

  • preheat the oven 160 degrees Celsius
  • line brownie pan with baking paper using oil to make it stick
  • in a saucepan, melt butter and chocolate slowly on low heat; stir occasionally and when completely melted, remove from heat
  • stir sugar into the melted butter and chocolate to make a gritty batter
  • add vanilla, orange rind, and eggs - incorporate well
  • stir in the flour and salt to make a nice, smooth batter
  • pour into the baking pan, gently tipping the pan to make sure the batter is evenly divided
  • bang the pan down on the countertop a couple of times to bring to the surface and release air bubbles (this is  golden tip from Molly)
  •  bake for 35 minutes, but check at 30 minutes by inserting a thin skewer of some kind; if it comes out clean, take out of the oven
  • leave to cool completely on a rack before cutting into squares
  • warning: these will not last long in any household!

I cannot round off this post without a message from son S: his front tooth has fallen out, and he's all the happier for it. He just wants you all to know that. And on that note: have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


  1. Reaction to your son S : make sure to keep your tooth under your pillow this night - you never know what the tooth fairy will bring ;-) !
    And as pink as it is, I like N's room !! When I compare it to the description you gave, how it used to be... Massive improvement, I think ;-)

  2. Lovely, well done! now chuck me a brownie ;~)

  3. What a transformation! I personally quite fancy a pink room myself. It must be because in Switzerland (where I grew up), walls are generally white, or wood-panelled for a rustic feel. I am not sure if my husband would be able to sleep in a girly pink room.... but I DO have a pink kitchen!
    I love your modest brownie recipe, I might try it tomorrow. Do you use palm sugar for flavour? Have a lovely weekend. Cx

    1. I use palm sugar because it is unprocessed and therefore still contains all its vitamins and minerals, and also because it doesn't cause blood sugar swings. I actually cannot tolerate normal white sugar, but this stuff I have no trouble with whatsoever. An added bonus is its lovely, very subtle caramel flavour. You can, of course, substitute for normal sugar - no problem. Happy baking! xxx

  4. Very dizzying and very pink. But it had to be done and you've made an excellent job of it.

  5. Well S, we are very happy for you and your tooth!! The bedroom is lovely, definitely very pink, but just right for a little girl and with lots of lovely touches. I really like the owl and tree stickers! Great Job and a massive improvement I am sure on what was there before judging by your description of all the multi colours. xx

  6. A perfect little girl haven. I think we should trust childrens' colour choices more often; my youngest son (10 at the time) asked for an orange and red room. We went ahead and the room is so bright and cosy, it really works! Hope son S has a lovely surprise from the tooth fairy.

  7. Her room looks very nice. My daughter hasn't asked for a pink room yet and I'm not pushing it, but girly rooms have a lot of appeal, even now that I'm old. :)

  8. So pretty, I love the tree sticker with the owl sitting on it :)

  9. A perfect little girls room no wonder she is delighted.

  10. Your daughters' room looks very nice. It's a little girls dream. But I do love coloured walls as well, it gives the room a personal note. Your brownie recipe sound delicious, I'll try it some day. My family prefers apple and plum cake at the moment but when it is going to get colder chocolate cakes will be the prefered choice I think. Have a nice sunday, Viola

  11. The room looks perfect! Any little girl's dream. Nice post :)

  12. What a fab room!! I hope she loves every single minute in it :) We're rearranging our eldest's room (bigger bed and new furniture to accommodate bigger bed!) and although she'd like a blue room (It's Elsa from Frozen's fault) the pink is staying for now!! Those brownies look pretty good too :-)

  13. The pink room has turned out really well! I love the sound of those brownies - chocolate and orange together is one of my favourites.

  14. What a beautiful pink room and you are right chocolate brownies are the best thing to make to celebrate!


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